Cookie Policy

What cookies do we use, and why?

A cookie is just a very small text file that sits on your computer that is created by a website you're browsing. In this case, it's made by us, or by a third party we use.

Our cookie policy is really, really simple. We don't use cookies on the site for any functionality, so that part is straightforward.

We do, however, use Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics to help us work out what people are looking at on the website and how they found us. The data Google Analytics stores and shows us is anonymous - we don't know who you are, where you live or anything about you in particular, we simply know the pages that have been visited. The analytics we're shown aren't specific to any one person - for example, Google Analytics tells us how many people have visited the search page, but not who visited the home page.

Google Analytics sets 3 cookies on your computer. These are:

  • _ga
  • _ga_G3FP3QHGJN

Additionally you may notice a couple of other cookies:

  • whatthelogo_session
Both of these cookies are created by the framework we use to build and maintain the website. whatthelogo_session is used to store information to help the site function; we don't use any functionality that actually uses this though so it's empty. If you inspect the value of the cookie you'll see a value there, but this is an ecrypted version of an empty string. XSRF-TOKEN is there to provide protection against XSRF attachs. XSRF is a technique used by website attackers to submit forms remotely or to place content on pages that shouldn't be there. Our framework creates this cookie to prevent these attacks.

Lastly, we use Google AdSense to serve ads to you. This is the consent screen that you will have seen when you first visited the site. If you accept then AdSense will set some cookies to help it serve better and more relevant ads to you. AdSense also shares some data with some selected third parties to help better the products and serve you better ads.