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Instagram 2016 logo
Instagram 2016 logo

About Instagram 2016 Logo

The image showcases a distinctive logo consisting of a camera lens graphic within a square shape that has rounded corners. The gradient background seamlessly transitions from a warm pink at the top left corner to a deep purple at the bottom right corner, symbolizing a captivating and vibrant look that is both striking and modern.

The central element of the logo is a stylized depiction of a camera lens, which is positioned in the middle of the square. The lens is comprised of a concentric design with a white outline forming the main shape, surrounding a solid pink circle, which is set against the gradient backdrop. Inside this pink circle, there is another white circle toward the bottom, which imitates the look of a camera shutter or aperture. At the upper right part of the lens, there is a smaller white circle, suggesting the glint of light on the lens, often seen on camera icons.

Surrounding the camera lens motif, there is a white border that traces the inside perimeter of the square. This inner border adds depth to the design, making the central image of the lens stand out against the gradient. The overall visual effect is modern, youthful, and closely associated with photography and social media, reflecting the idea of sharing and capturing moments.

The logo does not contain any visible text, relying solely on its iconic imagery and color scheme to convey its brand identity.

The Instagram 2016 logo is a technology logo made up of around 5 different colors.

The Instagram 2016 logo contains a number of different shapes, including 1 square, 1 star and 4 circles.

The Instagram 2016 logo is made up of a bunch of different colors. These colors include blue, purple, red, fuchsia and yellow. Beyond those 5 basic colors there are also 5 more specific colors found, these include azul, darkish pink, dusty orange, purpley pink and macaroni and cheese.

The Instagram 2016 logo is a Instagram New 2016, App Icon, Social Media, Communication, Mobile, Technology, United States, Instagram and New Logo/Redesign logo.




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Instagram 2016 Logo Information and History

In a recent article, we took a look at how the Instagram 2016 logo differed from the previous version. We learned that the new logo is flatter and abstract than the previous version. However, while some users have expressed their disapproval of the new design, a researcher has uncovered three familiar design techniques used by the company. Here are three of these techniques. Read on to discover which one will work best for your business. You'll be glad you did.

The font used for the Instagram logo has a similar appearance to many popular typefaces, with rounded letters and smooth edges. The color palette has also changed over the years. The original Instagram logo included an elaborate pic of a polaroid camera, which was the source of inspiration for the fonts used in subsequent designs. However, the new Instagram logo eschews the rainbow stripes in favor of a soft, muted blue color.

The new Instagram logo uses a Polaroid camera-like image to convey nostalgia, childhood, and memories. It also features a feature that lets you discover new content through the Explore tab. The new Instagram logo has been in development for about a year. The company has kept some of the most popular aspects of the old logo, including the rainbow and camera lens, while adding a modern twist. While it may be slightly different, it's still a memorable, stylish, and modern design that will keep its users engaged.

Basic Colors

We've taken a look at the image and pulled out some colors that are common across lots of logos. The colors below aren't the exact colors found in the image, but approximations to common colors.


Advanced Colors

We've extracted the below 'advanced colors' from the logo. These should be much closer to the actual colors found in the logo. Our extractor tries to only take the main colors of the image and tries to ignore shading on anti-aliasing or shadows. This generally leads to better results, but in some circumstances you might find a few unusual colors being pulled from the logo.

Darkish pink
Dusty orange
Purpley pink
Macaroni and cheese

Hex Colors

The below are the hex colors that are found in the logo. You can assume that these are the actual colors used in the logo. Our color extraction tool that takes the colors from the logo tries to ignore anti-aliasing and shadows, so you may sometimes find a slightly odd result, but this is rare. These colors should be very similar to the Advanced Colors, but you'll notice subtle differences. If you're interested in the exact color then use the hex, but if you're trying to describe the logo then use the Advanced Color or the Basic Color above.