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Instagram Em Casa logo
Instagram Em Casa logo

About Instagram Em Casa Logo

The logo comprises three separate but stylistically related elements stacked vertically. Each element features a combination of text and graphics with a consistent color scheme.

The top graphic is a stylized representation of a house that forms a heart shape within its outline. The house-heart hybrid is mainly pink with highlights and shadows suggesting a three-dimensional appearance. It is enveloped by a lighter purple glow or outline that enhances its visual presence.

Right next to this graphic, the text "EM CASA" is featured in capital letters on a rectangular background. The rectangle's color matches the pink and purple hues of the house-heart logo, and the text itself appears in white, ensuring clear legibility.

The middle element is similar to the top one, with "FIQUE EM CASA" boldly presented. The phrase, meaning "stay at home" in Portuguese, is split across two lines, with "FIQUE" on the top and "EM CASA" below. This text is also inside a white rectangle with rounded corners, and it features the same pink to purple gradient outline.

The bottom element repeats the house-heart logo, maintaining the consistent pink central color with the purple outline and glow. The repetition of this logo at the base reinforces the branding and visual identity of the company.

The overall effect is lively and engaging, using the gradient and glow effects to create a contemporary and digital-friendly appearance. The message is clear and visually unified, with the repetition of the house-heart logo emphasizing the concept of home.

The Instagram Em Casa logo is a mobile logo made up of around 5 different colors.

The Instagram Em Casa logo contains a number of different shapes, including 3 squares, 1 rectangle, 1 pentagon, 13 stars and 23 circles.

The Instagram Em Casa logo is made up of a bunch of different colors. These colors include blue, purple and silver. Beyond those 3 basic colors there are also 5 more specific colors found, these include purpleish blue, barney, periwinkle blue, strong pink and lavender pink.

The Instagram Em Casa logo is a Instagram, Em Casa, Emcasa, Home, Casa, Communication, Media, Mobile, Brazil and Em logo.




You can read more about Instagram Em Casa on their website.

Basic Colors

We've taken a look at the image and pulled out some colors that are common across lots of logos. The colors below aren't the exact colors found in the image, but approximations to common colors.


Advanced Colors

We've extracted the below 'advanced colors' from the logo. These should be much closer to the actual colors found in the logo. Our extractor tries to only take the main colors of the image and tries to ignore shading on anti-aliasing or shadows. This generally leads to better results, but in some circumstances you might find a few unusual colors being pulled from the logo.

Purpleish blue
Periwinkle blue
Strong pink
Lavender pink

Hex Colors

The below are the hex colors that are found in the logo. You can assume that these are the actual colors used in the logo. Our color extraction tool that takes the colors from the logo tries to ignore anti-aliasing and shadows, so you may sometimes find a slightly odd result, but this is rare. These colors should be very similar to the Advanced Colors, but you'll notice subtle differences. If you're interested in the exact color then use the hex, but if you're trying to describe the logo then use the Advanced Color or the Basic Color above.