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Disney's Pixar Cars - Rusteze Medicated Bumper Ointment


Pixar Cars - Rusteze logo
Pixar Cars - Rusteze logo

About Pixar Cars - Rusteze Logo

The logo in question is circular in nature, set against a vivid red background. Dominating the center of the emblem is the prominently displayed word "Rusteze" in a large, bold, serif font that is yellow with a slight gradient, giving it a three-dimensional effect. The "R" and "E" at the beginning and end of the word are notably larger than the other letters, adding emphasis to the name.

Beneath "Rusteze," in smaller lettering, the words "Bumper Ointment" are positioned, maintaining the same yellow hue and consistent font style as the main brand name. The phrase "REAR END FORMULA" is placed in smaller capital letters at the bottom of the logo, encased within a yellow curved ribbon that follows the contour of the circle's edge.

Surrounding the brand name at the top is the word "Medicated" in smaller yellow uppercase letters, arched to align with the circular boundary. The words "Bumper Ointment" and "Rear End Formula" are also surrounded by yellow outlines to make them stand out.

The entire text ensemble is framed within the red circular background, which is encircled by a thin yellow line that enhances the contrast and creates a bold border. This border contains small notches around its perimeter, suggesting a metallic or industrial theme.

The color scheme is largely composed of deep reds and bright yellows, which provide a striking contrast and make the logo eye-catching. The overall appearance of the logo evokes a sense of robust energy and is likely to be associated with automotive themes, consistent with the brand’s name, "Pixar Cars - Rusteze."

The Pixar Cars - Rusteze logo is a arts and design logo made up of around 5 different colors.

The Pixar Cars - Rusteze logo is quite a simple logo made up of just one shape, it consists of just 1 rectangle.

The Pixar Cars - Rusteze logo is made up of a bunch of different colors. These colors include maroon, yellow, olive and black. Beyond those 4 basic colors there are also 5 more specific colors found, these include dark red, orangey yellow, rust orange, bright yellow and almost black.

The Pixar Cars - Rusteze logo is a Movies, Arts And Design, United States, Pixar and Cars logo.

Pixar Cars - Rusteze Logo Information and History

The Pixar Cars Rusteze logo is an arts and design icon. It is made up of 5 different colors - maroon, yellow, olive, black, and dark red. The colors represent different aspects of the movie, including the car's colors, its shape, and its country of origin. In addition to these colors, this icon also represents the United States and the Pixar brand.

Besides the iconic Rust-eze logo, other recognizable items of the car include its name, a custom trailer, and a revolving hood. The logo is often seen on a Rusty Bumper's window, and it was first used in Cars in 1990. In the third film, the Rust-eze logo changed for the first time since Cars.

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Basic Colors

We've taken a look at the image and pulled out some colors that are common across lots of logos. The colors below aren't the exact colors found in the image, but approximations to common colors.


Advanced Colors

We've extracted the below 'advanced colors' from the logo. These should be much closer to the actual colors found in the logo. Our extractor tries to only take the main colors of the image and tries to ignore shading on anti-aliasing or shadows. This generally leads to better results, but in some circumstances you might find a few unusual colors being pulled from the logo.

Dark red
Orangey yellow
Rust orange
Bright yellow
Almost black

Hex Colors

The below are the hex colors that are found in the logo. You can assume that these are the actual colors used in the logo. Our color extraction tool that takes the colors from the logo tries to ignore anti-aliasing and shadows, so you may sometimes find a slightly odd result, but this is rare. These colors should be very similar to the Advanced Colors, but you'll notice subtle differences. If you're interested in the exact color then use the hex, but if you're trying to describe the logo then use the Advanced Color or the Basic Color above.