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Suzuki is a Japanese multi-national car and vehicle manufacturer. Suzuki are well-known for producing cars and motorbikes. Many of Suzuki's cars and four-wheel drives or 4x4 cars.


Suzuki logo
Suzuki logo

About Suzuki Logo

The logo consists of a stylized letter 'S' that is comprised of two interlocking forms, creating an emblem that is both distinctive and modern. The design uses red color for the emblem, which sits above the company name. The emblem is recognizable by its bold red hue, angular contours, and slanted orientation, giving a dynamic and forward-moving impression.

Below the emblem is the name "SUZUKI" in capital letters. The text is presented in a blue color, providing a striking contrast against the red emblem above. The typeface used for the company name is sans-serif, with substantial spacing between each letter, enhancing readability and ensuring that the company name stands out.

This design conveys a sense of energy and precision, aligning with the brand's identity in the automotive and motorcycle industries. The logo is well-known globally and often associated with durable and reliable vehicles.

Searchers trying to locate the logo could use terms such as "red S emblem" or "Suzuki red and blue logo" to find this distinctively recognizable brand symbol.

The Suzuki logo is a large 'S', usually in red, and the word 'SUZUKI' beneath. The red S is in a unique font, comprised of very shallow curves and very sharp corners. The belief is that the shallow curves and sharp edges resemble the ancient and traditional Japanese architecture.

The Suzuki logo is a automotive and car logo made up of around 2 different colors.

The Suzuki logo is quite a simple logo made up of just one shape, it consists of just 1 rectangle.

We have pulled the following text out of the logo: SUZUKI.

The Suzuki logo is a Suzuki, Motorcycles, Auto And Moto and Japan logo.




You can read more about Suzuki on their website.

Suzuki Logo Information and History

The Suzuki logo was created to appeal to both Japanese and English audiences. Because the brand name sounds good both in Japanese and English, it was important to make the Suzuki logo easy to read in both languages. Luckily, the company used shapes similar to Japanese kanji characters to make the logo easier to recognize in both languages. The S in English is preserved in the Suzuki logo, but the design is still unique and easy to remember. Here's a closer look at the history behind the Suzuki logo.

The Suzuki logo was first designed in 1958, when the company started manufacturing automobiles. It didn't have a logo until 1958, when the Japanese economy became heavily tied to western markets. The logo features a bright red emblem, a blue wordmark, and a large "S" in the middle. It also features three thick lines running parallel. The curved tips on these lines create a diamond shape. The Suzuki logo also represents the company's innovative spirit.

The company started small in 1909, manufacturing looms for the silk weaving industry. The company soon gained popularity internationally and began manufacturing motorcycles. After the war, Suzuki expanded its range of products and entered the motor vehicle industry. In 1954, Suzuki produced its first four-wheel vehicle. The sharp edges of the 'S' triggered associations with Japanese culture. In addition to the logo, the company has two versions of the Suzuki name. In the US, Suzuki uses the 'S' letter for their cars.

Basic Colors

We've taken a look at the image and pulled out some colors that are common across lots of logos. The colors below aren't the exact colors found in the image, but approximations to common colors.


Advanced Colors

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Bright red

Hex Colors

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