What the Logo?

'What the Logo?' is a logo database. We've designed our database to try and make it as easy as possible to find a logo that you're looking for.

The whole database is designed in a way to help you find a logo that you may know a little bit of information about, but not enough to fully identify the exact logo you're looking for.

Take Snapchat's logo as an example. Finding out Snapchat's logo when you know the company name is easy, you just search for "Snapchat" - but what about the other way round? What if you know what the logo is but you don't know what the company or brand is?

'What the Logo?' aims to help with that. Every logo on our database has been described and we've pulled out colors and shapes on each logo and made them all searchable. You can search for things that describe the logo and you should get a bunch of results ordered by popularity. In the example of Snapchat searching for "social media yellow logo" would give you Snapchat.